How to Become More Organized

01:45 AM, 1 May 2017

It is impossible to achieve success without a competent attitude to your business. Remember how many times you were late for a meeting or you forgot about an important birthday. How to become more organized and successful? The main thing is not to go to extremes.

Two Extremes

"Less is better", — someone says, goes into perfectionism, and falls into procrastination. Procrastination is a shirking of important things and substituting them with more pleasant ones. According to the study of Pierce Steel, over the past 30 years the proportion of procrastinators has increased from 30 to 60%.

Others become workaholics. In this regard, the Japanese have always been set as an example, since their motivation for work is close to absolute. However, workaholism has the status of a state problem in today's Japan. There's even a term "karoshi", which refers to an employee who died from overwork.

How to walk on the razor's edge without becoming a procrastinator or a karoshi?

Make a Work Plan

The advice may seem banal, but it works. Plan your working time. Use a notebook with a pen, a web organizer or an application on your phone. You will shape your future for the next week, a month or even further. Do not forget to fix how much time it takes to complete tasks and rest. And eat frogs first.

Eliminate Distractions

Among the successful businessmen there are many former sportsmen. Why? The secret lies in the power of concentration. Do not let anything distract yourself from the goal. Remove computer games, close social networking tabs, turn off TV.

Take Breaks

Frederick Taylor revolutionized the organization of labor. His subordinate carried 47 tons of pig iron daily, while the rest - only 12.5 tons. What is the secret of his performance? It turns out that the worker worked only 26 minutes within an hour and rested for as long as 34 minutes. Remember this before starting an important matter.

Keep a Diary

This is the most accessible way to analyze your successes and mistakes. Keep it on hand to record sudden ideas, new information or a plan for the day. Many great men led the diaries: Leonardo da Vinci, Isaac Newton, Nicola Tesla, Benjamin Franklin, Mark Twain and others.

Use CRM System

As they say, one head is good, and two are better. CRM will help improve your personal efficiency as well as productivity of colleagues. Thanks to it, you will be able to follow all the recommendations that were read in the article. Use our free version, and the support service will help you to understand the functionality.

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