Smarty CRM Update: Access Rights And Messages

01:32 PM, 25 September 2017

On the 23d of September we released a new version of the service. It contains workspaces, access rights and section Messages.


Invite colleagues, grant them access rights, assign responsibilities and customize the program for your company. The new tool is developed instead of section Available accounts and is in the upper left corner.

Access Rights

Give your colleagues access to a section, group, area or a specific card. Now users will not see all information, but only what is allowed by the administrator. To set permissions, go to your workspace, tap the steering gear and choose tab Access rights.

Section Messages

Communicate with colleagues and partners in new section Messages. It includes three groups of dialogues: Recent, My team and External. Chat without restrictions even at the base rate plan. Each dialogue can be attached to any contact, project or a task.

Cancelled Subscriptions

Payment has become more transparent. We replaced paid subscriptions with the workspace balance. Now Smarty CRM writes off money not from credit cards, but from the balance, if it was previously replenished. It's handy because you're not spending more than you expected.

New Profiles

User profiles moved to the top right corner. Now you have two: personal and working. Personal is needed to sign up. Working profile is displayed in a third party space. For example this is convenient when you work in several organizations in various positions.

In Case of Problems

Clear browser cache and refresh mobile app. Due to AppStore specifics update of apps on iOS (iPhone & iPad) may be delayed for 2 weeks. Please write your questions here: support@smartycrm.com.